“I have never felt more heard by any other coach or counselor than I have by Shannon.”



“Hi Shannon, Tapping has magically been changing my life and my husband’s life as well.  Almost daily right now as we are going through some big life changes.  Thank you for your teaching and your work.”



“I’ve had counseling before and it was good. But with this, I feel like I’m changing inside and becoming a different person.”

–former client


“Shannon Carol Baxter came into Change My Life Coaching to teach our coaches how to use EFT not only on themselves but also on others in their lives, including our clients.  It was a two day training program and it was incredible to see the shifts happening right in front of our eyes.  We had lots of opportunity to practice on each other so that when we use tapping with our clients we feel confident about it.  I would love to bring Shannon back in for another training seminar some time in the future!”

 – Christopher Lawrence