Coaching Offers

I work with high-strung achievers who want to thrive more and live out more of their potential. They find that stress and anxiety are starting to get in their way. They know they have it in them to accomplish more and achieve greater and greater things if only they could find more energy, stop getting distracted, stop being hindered by difficult people, feel more confident and centred, and not get caught in any kind of stress-paralysis.

By selecting any of my competitively-priced packages, you will work with me one to one for several months. This will leave you with:


Mindset Shifts, leaving you

  • Less likely to get stressed in the first place, making it easier to reach your goals faster
  • Better able to bounce back from stressful times and events, making it easier to get back on your game faster

Tools you can use on your own, to

  • Quickly de-stress at the end of the day so you’re not exhausted by Friday
  • Continue shifting your mindset on your own so you can independently get fears out of the way and untie emotional knots



Increases in

  • Energy levels: making it easier to accomplish things
  • Focus and productivity: allowing you to get more done while at work and actually enjoy your time away from it
  • Overall health: better sleep, fewer headaches, possibly reduced blood pressure and weight, etc.