Welcome to day 11 of 15 Days to the Best You Ever!

Today, we'll tap out unpleasant feelings that come up when you are actually present with money. If you have any money issues or anxiety around money, chances are you don't feel 100% positive about it. Clearing out unpleasant feelings it triggers for you will not only help more flow into your life more easily, it will stop you from having to fight and manage all these unpleasant feelings every time you interact with money.

Click here for the Day 11 activity sheet that you'll undoubtedly want to review a few different times.

I know I get 3x the benefit from tapping exercises when I find out what triggers they brought up for other people: I dig up way more of my own stuff to tap on that way. Please go to the Facebook Group and share what you've found!

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Use this bonus video if you didn't feel much when you were looking at the stack of cash.

If you've tapped down all your triggers from the first video, you can also use this video to go deeper and find more feelings to tap out.