How to Secretly Make the World to do What You Want it to (Part 2)


Part 2 of 2

So my previous post introduced you to the super-useful emotional guidance scale, and explained why this is a thing you want to bother caring about.


 This post will deal entirely with the practical side: how do you actually put this into use? How do you deliberately shift how you feel about things so that you have more energy to do things, get better reactions from other people, and emit the type of energy that lets the things you want show up easily in your life? (I said there’d be woo;) )


Strategy 1: Meditate

Meditating once or twice a day will help. Your natural state is to feel good.

So when you meditate and focus on something really simply like your breath, this is time that you’re not fixating on how annoying people at work are. Or berating yourself for not doing something perfectly three days ago, or worrying about being behind on your financial goals.

This lets you drift back towards your default feel-good state, and it will get progressively easier for pleasant events to find their way into your life.


Strategy 2: Tap

Okay so I said you wouldn’t have to tap, but it works.

If you focus on an unpleasant feeling or unpleasant thoughts as you tap the EFT points, after enough tapping (sometimes as little as 10-20 minutes) you will have broken up your unpleasant feeling until you’re feeling something between contentment and joy.

Like meditating, tapping is a pretty fail-safe way to feel better. And therefore get into a zone where you have more energy, can be more persuasive with people, and will find the world just cooperates with you more.


Strategy 3: Write a thought, then write another that feels better

This is an Abraham-Hicks strategy.

With this one it’s important that you start with a thought that reflects how you actually feel right now. Then choose another thought that feels somewhat true, but feels better. Keep doing this until you basically feel good.

The tricky thing with this strategy is you might want to pick thoughts that sound better, but might not actually feel better.

Pay attention to how the thought feels to you (thoughts that sound negative sometimes feel better than ones that sound positive) and remember that your feelings often don’t make sense.


Strategy 4: Willfully feel a feeling that’s a step or two up the scale

With this strategy you need to be honest about how you currently feel, and not be afraid of feeling your feelings. 

So say you’re feeling jealous. Spend a few moments deliberately feeling the feeling of jealousy. Then try to feel anger. Spend a few moments feeling that. Then spend a few moments feeling blame, then disappointment, then frustration, then contentment, then hopefulness, etc.

If this is too abstract, just tap. :) 

This might sound too woo to be true. Don’t take my word for it, just try these out yourself and see what happens.