How to Tap in Public (Without Looking Like a Complete Weirdo)


So, you know I’m never going to stop telling you tapping’s a good idea that will solve all your problems.

Yes fine, it might not directly solve all of them. But seriously, every time you have a problem, tap, and it will get easier to solve.

Tapping feels awesome to do, and it’s practically fool-proof: if you tap the right points, you will get some kind of beneficial result.

You’re probably a busy person who finds it hard to find time to tap.

For real, a way to solve that problem is setting up some appointments with a practitioner. You’ll honour the appointments and get big results for the time you end up spending.

Yet you probably also have bits of time where you really could squeeze tapping in: when you’re on a train on your way to work, when you’re standing in line for something, as you’re walking down the street or the hall, when you’re in a work meeting that isn’t all that necessary and nothing’s really happening anyway.

But of course you don’t want to tap at these times. Tapping involves repeatedly poking parts of your face as you talk to yourself. You look batshit insane when you tap.

There is a very discreet way to tap, where people probably won’t notice you’re doing it.

There are tapping points on each of your fingers. They’re on the inside bottom corner of each fingernail.

On your left hand they would be where the blue dots are:

EFT hand points.jpg

And it would be mirrored on your right hand.

These were in the original tapping “basic recipe” but most people don’t really use them because leaving them out is faster and still effective. (The ring fingernail wasn’t actually in the original basic recipe because that meridian is stimulated when you do the 9 gamut).

So when you tap in public, just use your thumb to tap on that part of each fingernail. Then use your first or middle finger (teehee) to tap that space on your thumb.

Voilá, you’re tapping in public! You’re sorting out emotional snags, helping to improve your energy levels, and still someone to be taken seriously.

There’s a good chance no one’s even noticing you’re doing anything. And if they are, it looks like normal fidgeting: not some weird ridiculous thing a very smart person would do because it’s so freaking effective. ;) 

So use this if you’re outside for a walk, waiting for any reason, talking to someone who’s getting on your nerves, in a movie theatre, or stuck in a meeting that didn’t really need to happen.

Happy Tapping, and have fun stressing less.