How to Secretly Make the World Do What You Want it to

Part 1 of 2


This blog post delves into the world of Practical Woo. Just a little bit.

Don’t worry, this isn’t any kind of witchcraft or voodoo. You don’t have to do anything that looks ridiculous (like EFT, haha) or would make people think you aren’t credible.

And none of this will harm anyone, or I wouldn’t be encouraging it.

This is just a basic lesson in shifting your energy so your life will unfold slightly differently in response.

It’s giving you another tool to make your life better and help your stress vanish.

The first thing you want to know is that your emotions have a sort of order to them. The order looks something like this:

Emotional Guidance Scale.png

This extremely handy scale comes to us from the lovely Abraham-Hicks, who wrote genius books like Ask and It Is Given.

Generally, the lower on the scale the emotion is, the worse it feels (and the harder it is for desired things to enter your life when you feel it) and the higher on the scale, the better it feels.

Everyone is unique, and your own emotional scale will look slightly different than this, (for you worry might feel better than doubt) though overall, fairly similar (blame will always feel better than guilt, boredom will always feel better than anger, etc.).

You usually have a feeling you tend to default to. Overall, you will have a couple of feelings you’re most likely to be feeling.

When it comes to different parts of your life (your job, your romantic partner, this relative, that relative, the current government, people who walk too slow, etc.) you have feelings you tend to default to on those specific topics.

Here’s the thing. You can deliberately change how you feel. A little bit at a time.

So if you’re jealous of someone, (way down near the bottom) like a friend who got a promotion and you didn’t get one, and someone says something really annoying like: “Can’t you just be happy for her?” you actually can’t! Not at that moment anyway.

Happiness and jealousy are basically at opposite ends of the scale. It’s too big an emotional jump.

Something that’s a bit more realistic is feeling jealous, then feeling angry that you don’t have the same thing, then doubting you could ever get it, then feeling annoyed you don’t have it, then basically feeling okay about how everything is, then feeling happy for her.

Okay sure, but why do you care about this?

Making small improvements in how you feel about things:

1. Makes you feel better (duh)

2. Leaves you with higher energy levels (so you can get more things done)

3. Makes you more likely to get positive responses from people (so you have stronger personal and professional relationships you can leverage, disputes are more likely to be resolved in your favour, etc.)

4. Has the magical effect of making the things you want more easily show up in your life (this is the woo part)

So if you’re jealous of your newly-promoted friend, you’re energetically in a place where you’re highly unlikely to get promoted, even if you work your ass off and do everything you’re supposed to do and do it all better than everyone else around.

If you have the guts to acknowledge you’re jealous, (that part can be really hard) and feel a little bit better at a time until you get to the point where you’re happy for your friend, you are energetically in a space where a promotion can actually show up in your life. Even if you didn’t work yourself into the ground, and someone else was better at something than you were.

Are you seeing why feeling better can actually be useful?


In part 2, I’ll give you four different strategies to actually put this into practice so you can get the world to do what you want.